Dr. Thierry Lebey


Laboratoire de Génie Electrique, 118, Route de Narbonne




Telephone: +33(0)561558473

Fax: +33(0)561556452

Email address: lebey@lget.ups-tlse.fr  

URL:  http://lget.ups-tlse.fr

Key words:

High voltage engineering, Electrostatics, Reliability, Electric machinery, Power electronics

Unlisted key words: dielectrics, electrical insulation, ferroelectrics, packaging, power integration

Research description:

Our activities encompass two different axes corresponding to the two components of electrical engineering: power engineering and power electronics. The common factor is the dielectric material. Hence as regards fundamental studies, research works may be undertaken concerning the characterization, the modeling and the study of new materials devoted to specific applications in any of the previous domains. Applied studies may also be developed mainly concerning the reliability of electrical devices and apparatuses in which these materials are often considered as the weakest points. Whatever the case, these works need a multidisciplinary approach (from material science to electrical engineering).

Laboratory facilities:

Marx generator 800 kV, 40 kJ, 1.2/50 µ s
Pulse generator, 400 kV, dV/dt, 10 ns to 1 µs
DC generator, 300 kV
AC transformer 100 kV
AC transformer 50 kV, meas. RT=> 500°C
Wide band characterization via Impedance spectroscopy from 10-4 Hz to 6GHz
Space Charge measurements using the LIPP method
PD measurements down to 1 pC

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