Ali Keyhani


Key words:

Power Systems Control, Electric Machine design and Control, DSP based Virtual Testbed for modeling and control of power converters, Neural Network Modeling

Other key words: Parameter estimation

Research description:

Dr. Keyhani's research activities focus on the design and modeling of electric machine, finite element analysis, control and design of Power electronic systems, DSP-based virtual test bed for design and control of power electronic systems, electro-mechanical systems, automotive systems and modeling, parameter estimation and failure detection systems. These activities have involved a substantial amount of experimental research on modeling and parameter estimation of electric machine and the development of DSP based virtual testbed for design of unipolar resonant power converter systems. Dr. Keyhani has developed a sequence of courses for OSU Mechatronics program entitled Electromechanical Motion Devices, Modern Control of Electric Machinery, Electromechanical Systems Identification and a laboratory course entitled Microcontroller Systems for Industrial Applications.

Laboratory Facilities:

DSP and Microcontroller Lab for Control of Electric Machines and Drives

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