George G. Karady


Key words:

High voltage engineering, Power electronics, DC power systems, Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS), Load forecasting

Unlisted key words: Electromagnetics, Fuzzy Logics, Transformers

Research description:

High Voltage engineering: Effect of Temperature on the Partial Discharge Initiation Voltage of Capacitors Effect of high electric field and pollution on fiber-optic cables operation Flashover mechanism of non-ceramic insulators Development of a New Test Method To Compare Polluted Insulators Performance by Using Dust Chamber

Electromagnetics: Low Frequency Magnetic Filed Generated at Electric Vehicle's Charging Station Computer Program for the analysis and minimization of magnetic fields produced by underground Power Cable Systems A Circuital Approach to Estimate the Magnetic Field Reduction of Non-Ferrous Metal Shields Attenuation of low frequency magnetic fields using active shielding

FACT and Power Electronics: Low Frequency Magnetic Filed Generated at Electric Vehicle's Charging Station An Adaptive Load Voltage Regulator using a Microprocessor Controlled Series Switched Capacitor New Adaptive Power Conditioning System for Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage Characterization of Thyristor Controlled Reactor

Load forecasting: Effect of Probabilistic Inputs on Neural Network-Based Load Forecasting Fuzzy logic for short term load forecasting", Electrical Power & Energy Systems Economic Impact Analysis of Load Forecasting,

Laboratory facilities:

High Voltage Laboratory (60Hz -100kV , Inpulse and switching surge upto 200kV)

Power Electronics Laboratory

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