Iqbal Husain

Associate Professor

Key words:

Switched reluctance machines, Electric machinery, Motor drives, Parameter estimation, Power electronics

Unlisted key words:
S DSP Motor Controls, Novel machines, PM Machines, Induction Machines, Soft-Switching Converters

Research description:

The research interests of Dr. Husain are in the areas of motor controls, PM/switched reluctance machines, novel machine design, soft-switching power converters, DSP/microcomputer control of drives, and fuzzy logic and neural network controls.

Recent Projects: Low noise and wide speed range SRM design, SRM for automotive applications, sensorless control of induction motors, neural network control of PM machines, sliding mode motor controls, novel machines design.

Laboratory facilities:


  • 220/115V, 3-Phase , 38kW supply (Ohio Edison)
  • 400Hz and 1000Hz three-phase generators
  • 0-300V, 0-33A DC Power Supplies


  • Upto 5kW Dynamometers
  • Various DC, PM, Induction, Synchronous and Switched Reluctance Machines ranging from fractional hp to 10kW


  • Several AC and DC drives from Rockwell
  • SRM Drives from Tridelta


  • DSpace rapid prototyping development system
  • TMS320C30 and C240 based DSP Development Systems
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Assortment of Oscilloscopes, Fluke Digital Meters,Tektronix Current Probes, Signal Generators, Voltage Isolators,Torque, Position, Speed and Acceleration Transducers


  • Matlab/Simulink, Mathcad, Simplorer, Flux 2D, Pspice, Visual Basic, Visual C++.

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