Rolf E. Hanitsch

University Professor

Key words:

Batteries and Energy Storage, Electromagnetics, Electric machinery, Photovoltaics, Renewable energy

Research description:

  • application of high energy permanent magnets in brushless dc motors;
  • switched reluctance drives using novel soft-magnetic material(bonded material);
  • small motors for medical applications;
  • brushless linear motors with permanent magnets;
  • brushless dc motor as wet runner;
  • special motor topologies for wind-energy applications;

    recent activities:

  • effect of shading on PV-systems;
  • modelling of batteries(lead-acid,Ni-types);
  • energy management of office buildings;
  • magnetic bearings(active types);
  • shielding of magnetic fields

    Laboratory facilities:

  • typical facilities for investigation of electric motors up to 100kW power;
  • magnetic field measurements and calibration device;
  • focus on dc-and low frequency fields;
  • facilities for investigation of subfractional hp- motors power quality measurements;
  • 2kW PV-generator for system investigations

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