José Grimoni

Assistant professor (PHD)

Key words:

Artificial Intelligence, Computational techniques and Simulation, Protection, Intelligent systems, Graphics and visualization

Unlisted key words: multimedia virtual reality, energy conservation, power system education

Research description:

I am working with expert systems applied to power system operation, maintenance. I am working also with Multimedia Systems and simulation softwares for power system education and fuzzy modeling expert system applied to equipment diagnosis (transformers and rotative machines).

I am working also with power system protection and data acquisition and DSP using Labview (National) applied to mini-models of power systems.

Laboratory facilities:

We have many PC computers and workstations ( SUN Solaris) in ower research and educational labs. We have a little TNA (Transient Network Analyser) that was a ENEL (Italy) "present" in 70s decade. We have many electrical machines (DC, Induction and Synchronous) of 2 kVA and 220 V. We have too many Hall Efect sensors (LEM) and two National DA cards for data acquisition.

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