Michael Giesselmann

Associate Professor

Key words:

Computational Techniques and Simulation, Power Electronics, Wind Energy, Transformers

Research description:

Computational Techniques and Simulation:

I developed PSpice models for many different machines including Induction machines and associated models for Field Oriented Control.

Power Electronics:

I have developed 3-level inverters with power ratings up to 100 kW, inverters for motor drives using novel intelligent power packs, and 3-phase cryogenic synchronous rectifiers. I am currently working on a 2MW H-bridge inverter for a rapid capacitor charger. I also developed PSpice models for cycle by cycle and time averaged simulation of Power Electronic circuits.

Wind Energy:

I have been involved in research of performance evaluation and data collection and archival of a 6MW windpark near Fort Davis, Texas.


I have developed designed custom high-frequency transformers and developed PSpice models for utility transformers.

Laboratory facilities:

A new Laboratory Building with 5150 square feet including a High-Bay and two laboratories for Power Electronics provide excellent research facilities.

Equipment includes very large vacuum tanks for electric space propoulsion reasearch, inverters with more than 30kVA numerous motors and drives, state of the art oscilloscopes and digitizers and a thermal imaging camera for thermal management studies.

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