Alexander J. Flueck

Assistant Professor

Key words:

Available transfer capability, Computational techniques and Simulation, Security assessment, Stability, Voltage stability

Unlisted key words: Cluster computing, On-line security assessment, Parallel programming, Real-time power system control

Research description:

Dr. Flueck's research group focuses on the dual problems of large-scale electric power system stability and security. The laboratory facilities include a GNU/Linux compute cluster for simulation of large-scale power system dynamics. The group develops sophisticated computational algorithms for: The group's research involves many aspects of scientific computing, primarily in the analysis of large-scale nonlinear dynamical systems. The Eastern Interconnection of the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) is the primary testbed for the group's novel computational tools.

Laboratory facilities:

Dr. Flueck's research group uses a 32 processor GNU/Linux computing cluster to develop high performance power system analysis tools. In addition, the Center for Electric Power and Power Electronics at IIT has state-of-the-art laboratories for power electronics and power system design, simulation and visualization.

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