Jawad Faiz


University of Tehran

Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Campus No. 2,

Faculty of Engineering, University of Tehran

Tehran, Tehran



Telephone: + 98 21 8003330

Fax: + 98 21 8633029

Email address: jfaiz@ut.ac.ir 

URL:  http://ut.ac.ir

Key words:

Electric machinery, Electric vehicles, Fault analysis, Transformers, Electromagnetics,

Research description:

The following topics are covered:

            ·  Switched reluctance machines modeling and design.

            ·  Induction motor fault diagnosis

            ·  Transformer tap-changer

            ·  Inrush current and force in Transformers

            ·  Relays

            ·  Induction motor modeling, design and operation

            ·  UPS

            ·  Control of different electrical motors

            ·  SRM drives


Laboratory facilities:

1. Electrical machines lab with different types of electrical machines and measurement instruments

2. Power Electronics lab.

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