Mehrdad (Mark) Ehsani


Key words:

Aircraft power, Batteries and Energy Storage, Electric machinery, Electric vehicles, DC power systems,

Other Key Words:
Inverters, Power electronics, Motor drives, Sensors, Wind Power, Switched reluctance machines.

Research description:

Development of advanced Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) drives; Brushless DC Motor drives and controls; Advanced converter development for high power applications; Soft Switching dc-ac converters for motor drives; Analysis and simulation of complex, multi-converter power systems of aerospace applications; Propulsion system design for electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

Laboratory Facilities:

Power electronics and motor drives laboratory: This lab is used by Prof. M. Ehsani and his graduate research assistants for the development of new SRM and BLDC motor drives, advanced switching power converters, and simulaiton models for complex solid state power systems of aerospace applications. The lab is well equiped for power electronics, motor drives and computer simulation studies.

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