Ian Dobson


Iowa State University

1117 Coover Hall

Ames, IA  50011



Telephone: 515 294 0922

Fax: none

Email address: dobson@iastate.edu

URL:   http://iandobson.ece.iastate.edu

Key words:

Bifurcation, Available transfer capability, Oscillations, Stability, Nonlinear systems

Unlisted key words:
complex systems, blackout risk analysis, cascading failure

Research description:

·  Complex systems analysis and risk analysis of cascading failure blackouts.

·  Analysis and suppression of resonances and oscillations.

·  Computation of sensitivity of loading margin to voltage collapse and other operational limits.

·  Sensitivity of of transfer capability to power system parameters and uncertainty.

·  Stability of SVC and TCSC FACTS devices.

·  Sigma-delta modulation in power electronics.

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