Satinderpaul Devgan

Professor and Head

Key words:

Wind power, EMTP/ATP applications, Power distribution, Electromagnetic theory

Unlisted key words: Power system analysis

Research description:

Currently two funded projects in the Wind Energy area developing control and communication for smooth interface between utility and wind electric conversion systems. Hybrid II software applications for optimum design of wind hybrid systems, EMTP/ATP application to power systems transient and steady state analysis, Other funded research areas included long distance learning, intranet development and computer communications and networks, data base management and Computer and Information Systems Engineering (CISE) program development.

Laboratory Facilities:

Energy Research Laboratory is used to support wind energy research. It has Pentium PCs with EasyPower, EMTP/ATP and HYBRID II software packages for load flow, short circuit and transient analysis studies, development and design of hybrid wind electric energy conversion systems. This laboratory is also used for applications of EMTP/ATP software modules in electrical engineering courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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