Mariesa L. Crow


Key words:

FACTS, dynamic security assessment, voltage stability, parameter estimation, motor drives

Research description:

Recent projects have included:

Laboratory Facilities:

The Electric Drive Test Bed is a modular device which allows a variety of power electronic architectures to be constructed. The test bed consists of 12 independent 1200 V, 200 A IGBTs with control circuitry, a forced air heat sink, and a TTL interface. Instrumentation includes Hall effect current sensors, PC supervisory control systems, and a TMS320 DSP. This lab also houses two experimental FACTS devices - a 1200 V, 50A StatCom and a 1200 V, 110A TCSC.

The High-Frequency Machines and Drives laboratory has over $350,000 of dedicated equipment, including a network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, impedance analyzer, LCR meter, high-speed digital oscilloscope and TDR, dynamic signal analyzer, and power amplifier. The facilities are suitable for measurements on machines, drives, and power electronics in the 1 Hz - 500 Mhz frequency range.

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