T. S. Chung


Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Yuk Choi Road

Hung Hom


Hong Kong


Telephone: 852 27666160

Fax: 852 23301544


Email address: eetschun@polyu.edu.hk

URL: http://ee.polyu.edu.hk

Key words:

Stability, Security assessment, Available transfer capability, Artificial Intelligence

Research description:

Dr. Chung has published over 160 papers in international refereed journals including IEE Proceedings and IEEE Transactions as well as international conferences. His research interests include power system anlaysis and control, security assessment, stability, transient energy function techniqes, artificial intelligence applications and alternative energy techniques.

Dr. Chung has made significant contributions in organising and promoting professional activities in Electrical Engineering and especially electric power engineering. He was Chairman of IEE Hong Kong in 1993-94, Chairman of IEEE Hong Kong Section Power Chapter in 1989 and was Founding Chairman of IEE Hong Kong Power Section in 1996-98. He has taken active part in many international conferences and was Technical Chairman of IEE APSCOM Conferences in both 1993 and 1997, Vice Chairman of Organising Committee of APSCOM Conference in 1991 and 1995. He was also invited as International Advisor of several international conferences including IEEE ICEC'95 in Australia, ECAAA-97 in China, IPEC-97 in Singapore and ICPST'98 in Beijing. He has been invited as Hon. paper reviewer for journals including IEE Proceedings Part C, HKIE Transactions, Electric Power Systems Research and Electric Power and Energy Systems.

Dr. Chung is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of IEE, a Senior Member of IEEE and a Member of HKIE. He is also a Student Advisor of IEE in Hong Kong and IEE Hon. Membership Interviews Coordinator in Electrical Engineering in Hong Kong.

Laboratory facilities:

The Power System Laboratory in EE Dept. is equipped with facilities of modern technology for the analysis of power system, including generation, transmission & distribution, consumer loads such as traction and power quality.

The major hardware in the laboratory includes:

Dynamic simulator V being able to simulate the generator performance under the AVR and governor control interaction, with load pickup or load shedding functions.

Over-current relay testing panel

Busbar and feeder protection panels

Lightning and switching surges simulator

Distributed parallel transmission line models.

Energy analyzer for power quality analysis/measurement

Harmonic analyzer

The major software include:

Load flow, fault level, security and voltage control.

Digital relay simulation

Fault transient simulation

AC traction system (developed under consultancy with KCRC)

DC traction system (developed under joint Teaching Company Scheme (TCS) with MTRC)

AC distribution of traction system (developed under joint TCS with MTRC)

Single-machine dynamic stability: (with frequency (eigenvalue) time domain analysis, eigenvector (mode shape and sensitivity) analysis, capability limit (P-Q) plotting

Multi-machine dynamic stability: with frequency and eigenvector analyses

Multi-machine transient stability.

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