Chungshih Hsu

Faculty Associate

Key words:

Stability, Voltage stability, Power system dynamics, Computational techniques and Simulation

Unlisted key words: Reactive Power Management

Research description:

Dr. Hsu has carried out stability studies for several power systems in USA and other countries. In 1998, he and one visiting professor, two graduate students, led by Prof. M.S. Chen, conducted the research on the power system security issues of the interconnection of the ERCOT-SPP/SERC system. This research focused on the system operating margins for different power transfer scenarios and the effects of reactive power compensation on the operating margins. Rescently, Dr. Hsu began a research on the reactive power management in the deregulated power industry. This research is to figure out the obligations and rights of the owners of reactive power facilities and the compensation, operating philosophy of reactive power.

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