Mo-Shing Chen


Key Words:

Distribution, Security, Voltage Stability, Marketing

Research description:

Performed real-time voltage stability analysis for a very large power system involving 15,000 bus and 1,300 generators. Also performed research on transient and dynamic stability studies for large power systems both for planning and operation purposes. Also have originated distribution load flow analysis including unbalanced load and cogenerators. Dr. Chen has performed distribution power system analysis of 18,000 buses. This is the most sophisticated distribution analysis ever made in the history of power system engineering. I am also performing research on the simulation of complete distribution and transmission power systems in the United States. In addition the Energy Systems Research Center and Dr. Chen are developing a strategy for protection of infrastructure (power system) of the United States.

Lab Facilities:

The faculty at the Energy Systems Research Center (ESRC) at The University of Texas at Arlington have developed a unique physical scaled down power system at ESRC. This laboratory includes hardware of generation, transmission, and distribution systems with complete SCADA system and EMS operational software. This power system provides real load and protective relays for generation, transmission, and distribution systems. This laboratory can not only demonstrate economic situations, but also the security phenomena of a power system. (For instance, voltage stability, transient stability, and dynamic stability of the power system.)

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