Virgilio Centeno

Assistant Professor

Virginia Tech

ECE Department

340 Whittemore Hall

Blacksburg, Virginia 24061


Telephone: (540) 231 2045

Fax: (540) 231 4303


Email address:  

Key words:

Instrumentation, Protection, Oscillations

Unlisted key words: Phasor Measurement

Research description:

Research focus:

·  Implementation, development, and application of wide area measurement devices.

·  Detection and tracking of electromechanical oscillation in power systems.

·  Local frequency mesurement and its application and aproximation for system frequency monitoring.

·  Development and implementation of adaptive relays.

Laboratory facilities:

Power Systems Laboratory: This laboratory has various measurement instruments for data acquisition and control. These include high performance digital scopes, HP network analyzer, arbitrary waveform generators, GPS clock, phasor measurement units, power quality and harmonic measurement instruments and a modern power systems analog transient simulator. In addition the laboratory has its own local area network with three servers and ten workstations.

The Protection Laboratory: This research and teaching laboratory has four benches equiped with single phase and three phase power supplies, four multi-purpose digital meters a high precision digital oscilloscope. In addition each bench has transformers, current shunts, transmission line simulators, and digital relays from ABB, Swichtzer, GE and other manufacturers, in addition to four sets of DOUBLE relaying testing equipment.

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