Gerard-Andre Capolino

Full Professor (Andre Blondel Chair)

Key words:

Electric machinery, Motor drives, EMTP applications and modeling, System identification, Fault analysis

Unlisted key words: Diagnosis

Research description:

- Low cost electrical drives using fuzzy logic
- Parameter estimation for fault detection
- Induction machine modelling for fault simulation
- Spectral theory of AC machines
- Digital signal processing for electrical machines
- Diagnostic techniques for induction machines

Laboratory facilities:

- Induction machine test-bed from 0.1kW to 10kW
- Test-bed for electrical machine diagnosis
- Control test-bed with dSpace board
- Instrumentation with data acquisition boards
- Control test-bed with variable mechanical structure
- Virtual instrumentation
- Software (Matlab/Simulink, PC/OPERA, EMTP/ATP, Labview)

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