Claudio Canizares

Associate Professor

Key words:

Voltage stability, Bifurcation, Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS), Available transfer capability, Computational techniques and Simulation

Research description:

1. Nonlinear systems theory and its applications to electricity markets:
- Costing system security.
- Bifurcation analysis of power systems including HVDC and FACTS devices, and development of new methodologies and control strategies to avoid related stability problems.
- Development of efficient computational tools for the analysis of bifurcation problems in power system models.
- Applications of optimization techniques in bifurcation theory.
- Study bifurcations and chaotic behavior in detailed power system models.
2. Simulation, modeling and analysis of FACTS devices.
3. Network/distributed and web-based programming applications in power systems.
4. Development and use of computational tools as teaching aids.

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