Trevor Blackburn

Associate Professor

University of New South Wales

School of Electrical Engineering




Telephone: +61 2 9385 4049

Fax: +61 2 9385 5993


Email address:  

Key words:

Distribution systems, High voltage engineering, Electromagnetics, Transformers, Substations

Unlisted key words: Electrical Insulation, Partial discharges, Lightning, Switchgear, Thermal performance

Research description:

  • Condition monitoring and insulation assessment of electrical plant.
  • Partial discharge monitoring of plant.
  • Thermal performance of electrical equipment.
  • Transformer operating efficiency and ratings.
  • Overvoltage performance and testing of plant.
  • Lightning effects and protection
  • Development of on-line PD testing of equipment, particularly of distribution cable systems
  • Overhead line performance
  • Electrical discharges in gases and corona effects

Laboratory facilities:

High voltage test facilities, including HVAC, HVDC, Impulse testing. Partial discharge monitoring with commercial and OEM sensors High current testing Insulation testers DDF monitors and oil tests plant.

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