Wayne Barcelo

Assistant Professor

Electrical Engineering Department

University of New Orleans

New Orleans, LA 70148

Telephone: 504-280-5419/6650

Fax: 505-280-3950


Email address: wrbee@uno.edu  

Key Words:

Control Systems, Optimization,

Research description:

Dr. Barcelo's research capabilities and interests are varied. He has considerable experience in the development of real-time applications software and algorithms for Energy Management Systems to improve the secure and economic operation of interconnected electric power systems. Algorithms developed include Real-Time Optimum Power Flow; Security Constrained Economic Dispatch; Automatic Generation Control; Dynamic Economic Dispatch; Multi-Fuel Optimization; Real-Time Power System Transient Stability Evaluation; and Automated Generating Unit Testing.

Other research interests include the development of algorithms for state estimation, the development of power plant models, power plant dynamic testing, the development of advanced methods for ground fault detection and the development of optimal control systems for variable speed motor drives.

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