Alex Stankovic

Assoc. Professor

Key words:

Power system dynamics, Power electronics, Control systems, System identification, Signal processing

Research description:

Laboratory facilities:

The Northeastern University Laboratory for Energy Processing Systems was founded in 1994 by A.M. Stankovic. The Laboratory aims to improve reliability and performance of energy processing systems (which encompass power electronics, electric drives and power systems), and foster cross-fertilization between energy processing, signal processing and control. Its programs contain research and educational components, and promote the natural synergy between them. The laboratory is equipped with a solid computer backplane (several general purpose workstations, networked to the ECE Department high power Unix stations cluster and to the Internet, and several networked PCs). The specialized software includes EPRI suite of dynamical simulation programs (ETMSP, SSSP, VSTAB etc.), PSCAD simulator for power electronic converters (in addition to a complete version of Matlab/Simulink), and specialized software for hardware experiments (dSpace). It also includes hardware for experiments with permanent magnet, induction and switched reluctance servo drives.

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