Ismail H. Altas

Assistant Professor

Karadeniz Technical University

Faculty of Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Trabzon, Trabzon



Telephone: +904623772971

Fax: +904623257405


Email address: 


Key words:

Power system dynamics, Intelligent systems, Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS), Fuzzy Logic, Renewable energy

Unlisted key words: Power system control, Neural fuzzy systems, Photovoltaic solar energy utilization, Intelligent control.

Research description:

  • Design an implementation of a fuzzy logic based controller for a synchronous generator.
  • Design and implementation of an intelligent protection relay for power systems.
  • Triggering strategies for thyristor control systems.
  • Design and implementation of a tracking controller.
  • Developing a real time computer based simulator for control system education.
  • Design and implementation of an intelligent solar house.

Laboratory facilities:

Established a research lab called "Intelligent Systems and Automation Lab". The lab is equipped with high performance computers and real-time experimental devices. Mainly graduate students work in the lab.

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