Sadegh Vaez-Zadeh


School of ECE, University of Tehran

North Kargar Ave., Faculty of Engineering,

P.O.Box: 14395/515




Telephone: +98 21 88008485

Fax: +98 21 88778690


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Key words:

Motor drives, Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS), Electric vehicles, Power system dynamics, Power electronics

Unlisted key words: Permanent magnet motors; Linear motors; Magnetic levitation; Robust control; Technology management.

Research description:

Electric Machines and drives:

  • Efficiency optimization control of permanent magnet synchronous motor drives;
  • Efficiency optimization performance of single phase induction motors;
  • Design optimization of rotary and linear permanent magnet synchronous motors;
  • DSP based control of AC motor drives;
  • Magnetic levitation.


Power Systems:

  • Power system dynamics and control;
  • FACTS; restructuring and deregulation;
  • Congestion management;
  • Determination of electrodynamic forces in generator bus ducts under the short circuit conditions.


Technology Management:

  • Assessment of Science and technology;
  • Forecasting of science and technology;
  • Science and technology indices.

Laboratory facilities:

  • Floating point DSP based motor control development system;
  • Fixed point DSP based motor control development systems (two of them);
  • Computerized motor test system, capable of applying predefined loads and measuring and plotting a full range of electrical, mechanical and temperature characteristics of electric motors;
  • Histogram system, capable of measuring and plotting magnetic characteristics of soft magnetic materials;
  • Magnetic levitation test bed;
  • Different type of electric motors;
  • Measurement instrumentations including 4-channel color monitor digital scope, power analyzer, dynamometer, sensors, multi-meters;
  • Educational motor drive control system, etc.

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