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A. B. M. Nasiruzzaman

Assistant Professor



Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology                             

Dept. of EEE, RUET, Kazla,


Rajshahi, Rajshahi                               



Telephone: +880721750742-439


Email address:                               





Key words:

Economic dispatch, Genetic algorithms, Control system, Power system dynamics, Fault analysis

Unlisted keywords: Power Engineering Education                


Research description:

I have developed a standalone power system analysis toolbox based on MATLAB and published a book on the software package, primarily for educational purposes. Currently, working on complex network concept of power system.                



Laboratory facilities:

Have a computer laboraatory with Pentium 4 Pcs (15) and have a proposal of extension to upto 30 PCs. Also, the lab possesses a power system simulator, and High voltage testing systems.                


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