Zhenhua Jiang

Assistant Professor

University of New Orleans

Department of Electrical Engineering

New Orleans, LA   70148



Telephone: (504) 280-6938

Fax: (504) 280-3950


Email address: zjiang@uno.edu   

URL:  http://fs.uno.edu/zjiang

Key words:

Power electronics, Renewable energy, Batteries and Energy Storage, Intelligent systems, Deregulation

Unlisted key words: Distributed Energy Resources, Autonomous Power Systems for spacecrafts, HEVs, electric ships

Research description:

Current research projects involve the following aspects:

  1. Power Electronics and Controls

  2. Fuel Cells and Renewable Energy Sources (Solar Energy, Wind Energy, etc)

  3. Energy Storage (Batteries, Supercapacitors, SMES, Flywheels, etc)

  4. Hybrid Power Sources and Systems

  5. Agent-Based Control Systems

  6. Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Integration

  7. Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV), Shipboard Electric Power Systems, Spacecraft Power Systems

  8. Power System Dynamics, Stability and Controls

  9. Artificial intelligence and its applications

10. Modeling and Simulation of Interdisciplinary Systems

11. Embedded Control System Design and Rapid Prototyping (Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop, etc)

12. Decentralized control of autonomous distributed systems

Laboratory facilities:

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