Newton Bretas

University of Sao Paulo

Rua Fritz Johansen No. 1185

Sao Carlos, Sao Paulo




Telephone: 55 16 33739365


Email address:  


Key words:

Distribution systems, Stability, Nonlinear systems, Power system dynamics, State estimation

Research description:

I have made Research mainly in Transient Stability by Direct Methods. For that purpose we made an extension of the Lyapunov theory related to stability, allowing the lyapunov function having positive derivative in some regions. In Voltage Stability I have used these principles also. I have used also new ideas for designing controllers in order do diminish the power system oscilations. It was used for that purpose the polytopic approach, in the sense the controller should attend the load conditions inside an previous chosen polytope. I have also used a quite different approach in state estimation/network observability using path graph concepts. Using of topologic properties many information about gross errors has been obtained.

Laboratory facilities:

I have one lab with as much as 25 graduate students and as much as 20 computers. In this lab I have two others coleages making research together.

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